• Kindness Is Free3:02
  • Be Who You Wanna Be4:06
  • Praise His Name4:11
  • As A Matter Of Fact3:23
  • God's Given Me The Chance 3:53
  • When The Lord Forgives, He Forgets3:23
  • The Little Things2:59
  • Lord Knows Our Troubles3:35
  • God, He's Good3:45
  • No Place Is More Beautiful Than Heaven3:39
  • He'll Never Let You Down3:39
  • My Olive Tree3:54
  • Rain Rain Rain3:35

Nash Farms Music is highlighting a song by Darrell Nash that is being made available for other Recording Artists. Should there be interest in the song(s) shown, please use the "Contact" page from our website to let us know. We will in turn have our Nashville Representative contact you. ​

The song(s) on this page has/have not been released         

Today's "Highlight Song" is:  "Kindness Is Free"    © Darrell B. Nash