• Driftwood (#1 Song CMG Global All Indie/All Genres Chart Top 20)1:50
  • Do You Believe He's Comin' (#1 song CMG Global Gospel Chart Top 20)1:50
  • He'll Turn On Your Light (#1 song CMG Global Gospel Chart Top 20)1:50
  • He Will See Us Thru1:50
  • I Will Always Think About You1:50

Previews from our EP - ALWAYS REMEMBER

Previews of Our Released Singles

Previews from our EP - THE MILES BETWEEN US

Previews from our EP - IT'S NEVER TOO LATE

Previews from our EP - DIVERGENCE

  • You Are The One4:06
  • Someday (#1 Song on the IBA Asian & European Chart Top 10 & #1 Song on the CMG Global Chart Top 100)1:50
  • What A Change1:50
  • Yours For Life1:50
  • You Don't Understand (#1 song CMG Global Top 200 Chart)1:50
  • She's The Only One1:50
  • I'm In A Place I Don't Wanna Be1:50

  • Say It With Love0:59
  • Never Give Up0:59
  • New Horizons0:59
  • She Finished All She Had To Say0:59
  • Peace Is What It's All About0:59
  • Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend0:59
  • Open Your Mind0:59

  • Lean On Me (Tonight)1:50
  • Care For Your Fellow Man1:50
  • I Dreamed Last Night1:50
  • Break Free1:50
  • Where Are You Tonight (You Win)1:50
  • It's A New Day1:50
  • Silence1:50

  • The Miles Between Us (Thank You Troops)1:50
  • We Loved To Sing Them1:50
  • Lifeline1:50
  • Nothin' Left To Say1:50
  • Today's The First Day1:50
  • Words1:50